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Our Mission

Nick Matson founded Matson Movers with a desire to bless those that he services. Family owned and operated, Matson Movers conducts clients with the highest standards of service and integrity. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and leave every client with a smile on their face.

In order to maintain our high level of service, we see a job through from loading and driving to unloading. We are a detail oriented moving company and take special care to ensure that your belongings are organized and moved carefully.

Our Values

We exercise each and every one of our 4 core values for every job we take on

1. Honesty — We think this may be the most crucial of the three core values. You are inviting us into your life and home. Honesty must come first.

2. Courtesy — We have the distinct privilege of serving you and your family. We think a warm smile and a “yes ma’am” goes a long way.

3. Excellence — We firmly believe that everything we do should be done at the highest level of quality. We expect the very best from our herd, and you should too.

4. Hard Work — Last but certainly not least! No one sings our guys to sleep at night. That armoire you had us move does the trick nicely. We fully expect to earn your trust by working hard from start to finish.

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